Hard Rejected due to a PHP Notice. Seriously?

We sent a new WordPress Theme. We received a only “notice : undefined index” and the theme was been “Hard Reject” only for this.

We ran a complete check again with “wp_debug true”, “XDEBUG” and the “Envato Theme Check” plugin and we can’t reproduce the reported error in any way.

The guidelines of Envato Marketplace say that a Rejected Item can’t be re-submit, so we have to throw all our work just for a PHP Notice… a Soft Rejected it would have been more proper, don’t you guys think?

Would be appreciated a better explanation on the causes of how these errors are finded by the Reviewers, so that they we can be sure of finding them and above all correct them.

Are yo sure it was hard rejected? Reviewers do not tend to give such specific feedback on the hard reject. Also, it is VERY unlikely it would be hard rejected just because of some PHP notice.

Yes. There are also a specific link to a screenshot.

Well if that error completely broke the theme then I guess it is a valid reason for reject.

You must understand one thing, reviewers go through heaps of themes. If he install it and it will appear completely broken, then he just rejects it and go to another one. He doesn’t have time to debug your code. It is harsh but this is unfortunately the reality of this marketplace.

Anyway, I would say you should fix your code, properly test it on a clean installation with PHP7 and resubmit it with some explanation in the message for reviewer field.

Thank you for you opinion about the Hard Reject.
I think you’re right, but a Soft Reject just for a single notice can be more proper.
Anyway, we already done a new clean installation with PHP7.3 and tested our theme carefully but no trace of Warning or Notices… So we have re-submitted the Theme with a reason message.
We hope to don’t receive a Ban. :slight_smile:

Well, you should definitely make sure to fix the error, because it obviously is there. I mean those notices explicitly tell you what the issue is even if you can’t reproduce it yourself. You are probably missing some IF clauses with empty or array_key_exists functions over there. I do not recommend to resubmit without finding the issue.

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