Hard Reject: "Isn't at the quality standard"

Hey guys… today I’ve release a pack of 5 different pricing tables called Fiver. It’s my first submission and I really worked a lot to make everything perfect. My HTML/CSS is fully validated, I have made an awesome picture for description and I added every detail there… idk, please give me your honest opinion on this product and what I should change in the future Items in order to be accepted
Live Preview

to me i do not know why they got rejected all i can see is a little line border issue on the full width example 2

The problem is that they’re not “premium” there’s free resources available that are better styled, more complete, more options than this. If you want to sell the same things that people give away for free, they need to be markedly better than the free alternatives.


@tommusrhodus I understand your point and I will be more careful with my designs and costumization in the future. Though, can you show me at least one example of free ‘premium’ resource so I can have a reference point?

I don’t want to sound rude but:

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@tommusrhodus haha, it’s not rude dude, I understand the pain of talking to some newbie. I just thaught that you a place with only premium packs, not some random google search. Anyway, thank you for your time. Cheers bro