Quality Standards


I had developed an e-commerce system but got hard rejected and reason: quality standards
can anyone help to find out the problem? I had invested more than 3 months in this item also let me know can i resubmit this item again or not..

after the last time rejection, we redesigned the whole system but not approved.

Why would someone choose to use this over the numerous existing, well maintained, and feature packed options they already exist?

Thank you for your reply,

Yess agreed but it will also consider a quality standards issue? if this is rejected just because a similar item already exists then I will try to make it unique but I want to know the exact problem behind the rejection.so i can take care of the next submission.

There’s definitely room for improvement in terms of design modernisation, typography and attention to detail esp on product info.

You cannot use trademarks and copyrighted logos

Quality standards applies to design and code but also to market suitability, sales potential etc.

Adding more features etc will help but even then the pressure to maintain and manage it is potentially huge and I just can’t see a buyer choosing a stock market item over free, resources, and purpose developed options.

ok got your point we will look into this but after the changes, improvements, and uniqueness can I upload the item again?

You’d need to make it like a different item and with significant change.

Tweaking some of the styling and removing trademarks will not be enough.

ok so I need to do a significant change got it and yeah Thank you.