Hard reject how understand what to improve?

Hello, I got an hard reject for my theme.
I Red all requirements but how can I understand the ways of the rejection?
I also use theme check and theme sniffer plugin to follow wordpress requirements.

This is the demo theme:
Luxury Concept

Please help me

Thank you so much

With respect it’s miles off

The basics (typography, spacing, hierarchy, construction, alignment) all need a lot of work

It feels completely unfinished with pages of just generic copy and no purpose

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what does aimless content have to do with it? it’s a demo. besides, it’s fully customisable and can become as you wish, guaranteeing performance because it doesn’t include third party resources, except google fonts. Everything you said I can’t find in the requirements, besides, there are many other obscene themes on theme forest, both in terms of design and performance, so I don’t understand why they do and I don’t.
is this one better? it’s the same theme, customised without adding code: https://luxuryconcept.website/

You should be clearer about the requirements as it doesn’t specify exactly what is needed.

The guidelines are mostly technical related as it is impossible to set definitive requirements because up to a point it’s subjective but the basics are about

  • clean and robust code
  • unique/modern/versatile design
  • premium eg not simply found in freebie themes features and functionality etc.

If you look at successful themes currently for sale you will see the attention to detail in design and execution, multiple demos and pages that offer versatility and options etc. anything else needs to compete with these as well as being strong itself.

The importance of a mix of populated and compete pages is so to maximise interest to buyers of all experience and to again add an element of premium value to the item beyond just downloading free themes.

Even the most outdated themes for sale still on the marketplace have these basic features