[Hard Reject] How could it be better?



Hi everyone!

I submitted my template and got hard reject (Demo).

Unfortunately your submission isn't ready for ThemeForest and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato's policies.

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission.

Yes, I should work on it. Could You help me to see the quality issues? Do You have tips for new functions? How could I improve my theme?

Thanks in advance!



You have technical problems.
The first problem is with the overflow. I attached a picture. The second problem is the scroll’s speed.

Also you have many design problems. Watch themes accepted and you will understand.
Good Luck !


I am not Much Experienced but the problem i am seeing is

Horizontal Overflow
The Bottom Footer is not looking nice
and The Scroll Is lagging sometimes

By the way it is a great theme