Happy 10th Birthday Envato!

Happy Birthday Envato :slight_smile:


I could not just walk away :slight_smile: Happy Birthday Envato! :champagne: More customers, more ideas, more great authors, more stars reached!

:birthday: HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY :balloon: :tada:

:tada: :tada: Happy Birthday Envato … :tada: :tada:

Congratulations Envato a 10-year birthday! That’s cool!):slight_smile:

I remember a time when Envato would give a little extra to their hard working authors on its birthday, like 100% of earnings for the entire day…

No such thing for the 10th anniversary? Only saw some small discounts for Envato Studio and tutorials, both of which benefit the buyer.

Ah wait; we get a virtual tour of the Melbourne office… “Yay” I guess???


Happy 10th Birthday Envato! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, dear Envato! Per aspera ad astra! Thanks for the opportunities you give to us!

Happy birthday… have a good un and don’t drink too much!

Happy birthday!! :birthday:

BTW I really enjoyed the scrolling story of Envato - those who still haven`t seen it, be sure to check it out!!

Happy birthday!!!:tada::cocktail:

Happy Birthday Envato :tada:

Happy Birthday Envato!:champagne::wine_glass::birthday::gift::tada: :smile:

Happy Birthday ,fantastic story :smiley:

:tada: Happy Birthday Envato! Live Long and Prosper :vulcan:

Happy B-Day Envato! :balloon::tada::tada: :slight_smile:

:cake: Happy Birthday Envato :cake:

Happy Birthday! :tada:

:tada::birthday::gift: Happy Birhday, Envato!! :tada::birthday::gift:

Happy Birthday Envato! :smiley: :tada: