Guitar Strumming Plug-ins

Sonicbyte said

Hey Andy, check the way electri6ity works, it has a random strumming system, it never build the chord in the same way, so it sounds very natural

Hi Sonic, I just spent some time watching some of the electri6ity videos, I was really impressed with some of the electric guitar sounds, particularly the metal stuff, I’d love to try it out!

MusicLab RealGuitar Really good sounding. On it it is possible to play minor and major chords. In certain cases remarkably is suitable for music. But there are such cases when without a live guitar it is simple not to manage. And in general everything depends on skill, on how many the person is able to use plug-ins. In the same way, as who that is able to play a guitar and who that isn’t present. :slight_smile: