Looking for Best Power Guitar VST Plugins

I am looking for best power guitar vst plugins standalone/for Kontakt Player…kindly suggest me :

Thanks in Advance :smile:

Check this:

  1. Musiclab Realstrat, LPC, Real8, RealRick (http://www.musiclab.com)
  2. Wavesfactory - Power Guitars (http://www.wavesfactory.com/power-guitars.php)
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Thanks a lot…I use Music lab Real Guitar on studio when guitarist is not available for scratch track … lets try wave-factory I had never use before :smile:

Also check https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/evolution-electric-guitar-strawberry )


This is amazing … this is what I am looking for :slight_smile: thanks a ton

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You might wanna check out V-Metal by Prominy


thanks… :smile:

I own two Musiclab guitars (LPC and RealStrat) and V-Metal from Prominy. Hands down, it’s the V-Metal that wins the prize. The Musiclab guitars are just toys. They don’t sound realistic at all where the V-Metal guitar is very convincing once you learn it and the learning curve isn’t difficult at all. I also own Shreddage II by Impact Sound, which is good, and better than the Musiclab stuff, but the version I own is not as good as V-Metal. There is a newer version now called Shreddage IBZ, but I don’t have any experience with it. I would also skip the OrangeTree stuff as well as the electric guitars from Ample Sound although their acoustics are fantastic if you’re ever looking for that. You have to work too hard to make them sound realistic, but they can be convincing if you don’t mind doing a lot of after the fact tweaking. That will always be the case for the best result, but you won’t need to do much with V-Metal as it’s extremely playable and well thought out.

There are YouTube video demos for all of these. Just keep in mind that they will all sound like garbage without a good guitar amp simulator like NI’s Guitar Rig 5, or IK Multimedia’s Amplitude.


Personally, I am now delighted RealEight from MusicLab. Surpasses Shreddage II of the Impact Soundworks, which I’ve used for a long time.

“Re-amp” over BIAS / BIAS FX Desktop. In my opinion it is only applicable to software plugin reamping. However, even now I avoid it and deal with sound through the Eleven Rack (Avid HW)


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The boutique company that invented high-gain

Great plugin.

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Thanks a lot :smile:

Really amazing :slight_smile: thanks

Feeling Great here…really this community is very great…everyone is very helpful … thanks to every one for suggestion… :slight_smile:

Yesss!!! Excellent community.