Gridbased gallery as a blog (theme)

I’m looking for minimal designed gridbased gallery without sidebars, but the gallery should be the last blog entries itself: A simple grid of preview (thumbnail) images, which open in a lightbox (like a pop-up to the post ?). Closing the lightbox (post) will return to the current position in the gallery/blog.

Sorry, I’m german and my english is kinda limited…I hope you get the point ?
Are there any blog themes close to common galleries-plugins ?

I don’t like to use a gallery plugin and I don’t need all the special effects of nowadays themes, just a modern fast blog to present my images. And like I said, even no menu or sidebar is required, header and footer would be perfectly adequate.

Any help would be great, many thanks in advance.

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Just use default WordPress theme.

The default 23,22,21 themes don’t come with pop-up posts…

You can modify the theme pages to add the popup on default or consider installing a Popup plugin or use Elementor ( Pro )

Thank you for the hints!
Unfortunately, I have no real coding experience and I was not very satisfied with the popup-plugin. Currently there is no spare money to buy and try an elementor abo, too. I was hoping to pay for a simple theme that works straight out of the box or at least with no bigger modifications, but WP is just not meant to be a gallery and galleries-plugins are not made for a very large amount of images and frequent image-sharing…

Currently, I’m using a free theme called “Hitchcock” and add a button “javascript:window.history.back();” below the post-pages. This somehow works…more or less.

I wonder why nobody else misses this feature, as it would help orientation / navigation in any blog. However, if anybody knows a grid based theme with pop-up postpages or any other good navigation for one massive large gallery. Please let me know, even if this thread turns very old. I’ll receive a mail and notice it :slight_smile:

There may be some themes out there but you need to check/test all of them one by one.

Most of the blogs using “breadcrumb” for navigation. This could be the reason

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