Gravely low sales on the AJ Popular Files list


Although your statement is true, but I think that the authors who have invested years of work on an exclusive basis with Envato will not understand you. :slight_smile:


I am the author who has worked since 2015.I made about 1000 full tracks using no templates, worked honestly, every day without rest.Maybe I couldn’t be successful and wasn’t in the first place but my income was always growing,slowly but it was growing.Now we see that our work is no longer worth a lot of money in this market.I’m almost ready to completely remove my portfolio from this market and go to work where I will be appreciated.This is not a call or a riot.This is a state of despair of the author on which the whole market is kept.


Just become a non-exclusive! Why do you want to remove your entire portfolio?


1000 full tracks in 3 years? Fantastically. :+1: You probably did not drink or eat? :laughing: Then you definitely need to respect your work here, and removing a portfolio of 1000 full tracks sounds like an extreme. But your choice is yours, maybe you will be lucky on other audio platforms.
Good luck to you there! :wink: