GraphicRiver queue monitor

Let’s write here review time for your GraphicRiver items.

6 days - Graphics/Backgrounds category.

5 days - Graphics/Backgrounds category.

We should write which category the review time was, as it may vary on different categories.

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On Business Card Category 5 dayes - approved

5 days - Graphics/Backgrounds category.

Uploaded 1st one on GR - Waiting for Review

u are right Martin, normally it varies gamely according to categories indeed …

i think that this is really sad that we have to use the forums for this when there was a time that we used to have the most convenient tool of them all and that they decided to suppress the dashboard plugin to know know for how long we will have to wait … sad

Rejected Now :frowning:

sad for you … hard or soft rejected? i guess hard, right?

what’s the review time guys ?

hi buddy, i have had my first file queued for 5+ days now, and according to what i have read , it looks it can be 6 or 7 days indeed …

hey guys, it looks like that the queuing time is slightly decreasing, as i have just had my new item approved after 5+days :wink:

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alright, congrats mate
my file is in queue for 2 days only

:wink: i will be happy if u feel like commenting :wink: as for your item, it will get approved that’s the most important part lol u still have a to wait a bit … but hopefully they are increasing pace :wink:

I hope so :smiley:

good new is that they are going to bring back the progress bar … so it will be easier to get to know when items are going to be reviewed