What is the GRaphicriver review queue length?

I just uploaded an item and I want to know how long will I have to wait for it to be reviewed. thanks !

Hi Creatorshub, the average wait time are changing every several days, three weeks ago you have to wait 3 days in average for your item to be reviewed, today it become 5 days. you can always check it out here

Good luck :+1:

hi , it looks like that this is around 5 days at this time indeed

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9 days for a font and counting…

09 days (and counting) to accept / deny a simple request to move an already accepted item from add-ons to photo template =(

this is already a long waiting for sure

hi, this is already surprising that they accepted your item as we all know that choosing the wrong category to upload your item normally results in a hard rejection … maybe be erasing and uploading again in the right one would have been quicker as regard to what u are saying …

i can confirm that for flyers queuing has lasted for 5 days as regard to the fact that my last flyer has just been approved after a 5 day waiting indeed

I am upset with the review team because this is really an yes or no issue, however I do believe that my item works in both categories, so it wasn’t their fault to accept it in the wrong category. What happened is that one of my customers made me realize that maybe this new item should also be listed as a photo template, and not as an add-on.

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i think that this is a bit sad that there are no trans-categories or that there are not efficient catchall categories indeed to deal with these kind of issues . as for the review team if the thing can be considered as being in both categories, i do not know why u are upset with them , as i guess that they let u go in the category that u had determined indeed …

My first font has been accepted :slight_smile: Took 15 days in total but maybe it is because it was my first upload.

hi i think it does not have anything to do , there is no ranking in the queuing according to how long u stay here lol