graphicriver hard reject, why?

Hello, I hope you’re well,
Here is my request, I would like to submit on GraphicRiver but every time my work is hard rejected, I would like you to help me by checking my work and telling me what is good and what is not, I don’t know if it’s my way of submitting or if it’s the quality of my visuals, I hope you will give me a chance to start.

Same issue as so many others - design looks ok but take out there stock backgrounds and elements that you cannot include and there’s nothing left but a small amount of text.

Unless the images used are all your own and all the different elements such as the click, bottle, trees etc are bespoke made and therefore layered and editable then it won’t be approved.

Beyond the text details and info what else is editable?

Are the main titles fully editable and custom made?

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Yes, all texts are editable, I have not included the main photos but with smart object we can edit photos according to our needs, all images used have no obstruction of use.

I see a little bit typo issues. Hard to read some parts and could be better font ( replacement )