Got Hard Reject, please give me some feedback !


I’ve got another hard reject with this message - “MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.”

I need some feedback from authors to improve my works.

Please have a look at my work and give me some critics.

Here is behance link.

Thanks in Advance.


I think your design looks good. But there is still a room for improvement.
My comments:

  • Typography needs to be refined as some of the texts are quite small. Use legible text.
  • Visual hierarchy can be a big issue. The visual weight is not defined well especially the pricing packages.

Hope it helps.


Thank you Kimiwa for your valuable response ! What is your suggestion ? should I increase font size a little bit ?


woow. nice work. better than a lot of templates on TF .and get Hard Reject ??


Looks good to me, really great. May be you need to bit more focus on typography.


yes, it got hard reject ! thank you for your appreciation. It inspire !!


Thank you themevendors. I’ll work on typography to improve it.