Help needed about a hard reject



Hi guys ! I really need your feedback on a template I submitted somedays ago, and that was rejected.

And of course, no feedback was given from the reviewer, since it was a hard reject.

So I would really appreciate your help, giving feedback on what can be done to make this template better.

Here is the link :

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s not bad but definitely room for improvement.

Typography needs work esp. nav and titles

the people silhouette thing does not look good at all

the portfolio hover effect and copy needs work

the core bits are there but the design generally could do with modernizing a little too


Thanks bro, I’ll work on them :slight_smile:


Everything is fine,but I hold the same opinion


Thanks bro :smile:


keep modern approach when you design new template.


Get it, and I’ll do my best :smile:


Check it out:
Display resolution is 2560x1440

#9 - more problems

You can use Firefox Developer Edition, or Google Chrome DevTool and test on high resolutions your template.


Thanks a lot, I didn’t pay attention to very high resolutions when I was testing. thanks again :slight_smile: