Got a Copyright Notice from Dreamstime, How do I find my license when I have thousands of downloads?

Hi, I got an email from Dreamstime trying to shake me down over an image I licensed from Envato Elements.

They’re demanding that I show them a license but I have thousands of downloads in my Envato Elements account from over the years.

How can I search through these or at least sort by the project so I can find the license?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah it’s a pain. Search improvements are definitely being looked at. I suppose you could re-license the item again if you don’t want to do a ton of scrolling or a ctrl F (find on page search)

Tried re-licensing it hoping it would jump it to the top of the list but it doesn’t. It keeps it in the same position it was before it just adds another license to it.

Ahhh gotcha. I talked to the team and they suggested a bit of a workaround for now. Download it as a new project - I suggest naming it test - the song and its previous licenses will show up at the top of your downloads.


Ah, that works thanks.

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