Hard to find old licenses for older projects in "My Downloads" - please add simple search

I’m getting constant compyright strike from music from Envato elements on Youtube and find it incredibly hard and annoying to find the licenses of old files on this site. A simple search function in the “My Download list” would solve this. I also have an Artlist account and have ZERO issue with content from them. So I would happy just use them for this very reason as it is a big deal breaker for me. It requires more time from my side, which is something that I don’t have.

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Me too!

I’m thinking perhaps I’ll write a screen-scrape utility that will produce a Zip file with a CSV file of all downloaded items AND copies of all the current licenses. Though I’d think if Envato really wanted the customers to be able to easily manage their licenses, this is something they’d do for us. Yes?

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I completely agree. If you have hundreds or thousands of downloads, it’s very difficult to find licenses in that pile.