Google Cloud Platform 90 days free trial over (GMaps API Keys)

Thanks for reading my question.

I’m using Google Maps (Maps API Key) for my website or website templates. My trial is over. I’m a little bit confused about the Google Cloud Platform pricing details. There is no straightforward pricing list regarding the features. Also, I’m not sure which GCP service/features I need actually to use the Google Maps API Keys! Also, I’m not sure how much to pay yearly/monthly only for using the Maps API Keys. BTW, I’ve not had many visitors visit my website (not sure it depends on visitors). I’m not sure do I need to pay only to use the Maps API Keys? If yes then how much they will charge monthly/yearly for these API Keys services?

Please help me with these GMaps.

Faruk Ahmed

It depends on the visit.

Hi, thanks.
As I said I’m using only the Maps API Keys. So, do you have any idea how this will work?

They charge you based on actual usage. It’s going to depend on how you’re using Google Maps. See here: Platform Pricing & API Costs - Google Maps Platform

For a small site I wouldn’t expect you to pay anything. They waive the first $200 in spending each month (only for Google Maps) – this applies to everyone, regardless of account age or trial status.

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