Goodnews from Momizat is 2 years outdated

I am having PHP issues from the Goodnews theme from Momizat I purchased through Themeforest.

The theme is updated as of now to WordPress 5.2.x, Last Update 14 June 19 and giving PHP conflicts.

I believe more than one person has a similar complaint, but htey are still lited as an Elite Author. Their support page does not work.

I purchsed this theme long time ago for and now my site is too big, but guess i will have to change themes, since Momizat social media updated like 5 years ago. And no answer from support.

I request Themefores/Envato re evaluate this author. I do wish that this complaint get’s them at least to update the theme.

Also if someone has an idea of a good theme to move the site to I appreciate it.

Just to be clear, Elite status is based on the amount of money an author has made from sales, it’s not something that Envato manually sets, and doesn’t mean that the author has been chosen for something. Any author that reaches a certain sales milestone is automatically given Elite status.

There isn’t really anything anyone can do about the theme except for the author, and if they’ve decided to take a break for a while, or even move on to something different entirely, then that’s unfortunately just how it is.