I became Elite after 8 years, as a gift for my birthday. Here's my story.



Hi everyone!

So I’m finally an Elite (my portfolio). Whooff! Was that a ride…

When I started with Envato, I had no experience. I created an HTML template called “Eco Theme” and it was kinda successful (yes I know now it was a TEMPLATE not a theme :grin:). I made some money and was intrigued. But I still lacked a lot of visual aesthetic and coding experience, so other templates took me a lot of time and were not approved or not selling at all.

For couple of years, I took a break and got some skill. Envato grew and I watched successful authors become big, Power Elite big. It inspired me to work more and to add WordPress to my repertoire. In my life, everything takes a lot of time. I grew to like that fact. In the meantime, I got married to the most beautiful man in the world and we had a baby girl. She is 9 months now. I will be 33 years old tomorrow. I was never happier!

So what’s next? While I take care of my baby, I am learning and practicing my craft. I’ve never been a Featured author or had a Featured item here. Let’s hope for the best! :grinning: :crossed_fingers:

Here’s one of my birthday wishes… The times have never been so hard for Authors here on Envato than they are now. The flood of items is unreal. Let’s hope Envato will make steps towards a much higher item quality and a thus a better marketplace for all of us!

Until then… live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:


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congrats Good luck for more sales :slight_smile: thats amazing :smiley:


Congratulations! Cool, good luck in Elite! :slight_smile: Happy birthday!!! :slight_smile: GLWS!


Congratulations and wish you more sales :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Darinka :tada: Good luck for more success. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! You deserve it :smiley:


Awesome achievement! Congratulations :sunny: !


Congratulations, when success comes after a long way, always more enjoyable. :clap:


Following your achievement, I am considering to train my wife what I’ve been doing so one day she can tell such an inspiring story.
Great job!


congratulation @Darinka you became Elite author and my first item not approving yet…:wink:


@gurfix, be persistent and you’ll get there! And maybe much quicker than me! :smiley:


hopefully :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations @Darinka on both Elitehood and motherhood!


Congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations @Darinka Inspiring story :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


It’s cool! Keep it up!


congrats!!! :smiley: