We Are Now An Elite Author... What's Next

Finally our team earned Envato Elite badge :slight_smile: after 2 years of hard work. We made it with one WordPress theme Wiz The Smart WordPress Theme. We expect that to happen allot earlier but competition here is really hard. Anyways I must confess that Envato experience was great and the best thing about it is that getting approved here needs allot of hard work and helped us gain allot of experience which has been reflected on the projects we are doing for our customers.

I don’t want to be a party killer but this happened while we were thinking seriously about if we should totally depend on Theme Forest as a marketplace for our next themes or we should invest in our private page builder to avoid being locked-in by VC and start trying to sell somewhere else. As you all now sales are severely declining and when I look at the sales numbers of the new themes published I even lose the hope for something good happens after publishing our next theme. And the sad thing is that it’s not us only… I have need reading similar stories here since November 2016.

We will be really sad about leaving what we have achieved here and start from scratch somewhere else however that may really happen if Envato didn’t work on their marketing plans to help us authors in that matter.

Thank you Envato and wish you fellow authors all the best :slight_smile:



Congratulation @Leap13 :tada: Good luck for more :slight_smile:

Congratulations mate. Big milestone.

Thank you dear :slight_smile:

Thank you dear :slight_smile:

What would you suggest?

Congratulations for your new badge.

Thank you dear :slight_smile:

First of all we need transparency…
A large corporate like Envato must have answers. Why our sales declined to almost half this year? What will Envato does if Adding WordPress category to Elements negatively impacted our sales more? Is ADP really good for the market? Should we invest more in new products or it doesn’t worth it? Giving us figures and specific information is a must to understand what is going on, what can we do, Working in ambiguity is not good for anyone especially for small businesses will small investments. And depending on cheerful statements that lacks of facts an figures would be a naive attitude from authors.

Transparency will make us feeling like real partners who are cared about. If that happened that will be a good initiative from Envato for us authors. :slight_smile:


Congratulation @Leap13 :tada:

Thank you dear :slight_smile:

congratulations, well done! :smiley:

Cool job! Yeah!!!

@Leap13 Congratulations :tada: and all the best for next milestone :slight_smile:

@Kannonh @AveoAudio @wptech
Thanks allot dear :slight_smile:

@Leap13 Congratulations :slight_smile:

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