Getting Withdrawal Payouts Earlier?

Hi, I have noticed that Envato made a few payouts sooner than 15th if 15th of the month is a weekend. I have 3 or 4 payouts this year made on 14th. So is it stable practice for now or just exceptions? btw I love to spend money earlier :wink:

I hope it’s the 14th… I’m planning to party like it’s my birthday, gonna sip Bacardi like it’s my birthday, and I don’t give a fudge it’s not my birthday. You’ll find me in the club, bottle full of bub… or something like that, anyway.


Looks like it’s not happening this month. The early payments we got in October, January and April were all sent out before 1pm Melbourne time, and it’s now past 5pm in Melbourne. It’ll be a pleasant surprise if it does appear today, but it’s not looking promising.

I’m gonna have to sip water like it’s not my birthday :frowning:


Envato breaking something considered “established practice/habit” is surely a bit frustrating, but not surprising, really. Just another proof how predictable and reliable business partner Envato is. “Take what you can, expect nothing” is my mantra for the last two years. It may appear today or it may not.

(sipping cold water and coffee, while my uzo is chilling in the freezer for tonight with or without payouts) :nerd_face:

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Any official response to this?

++ anyone got their payment today?

The “official” day to receive payments is the 15th, no earlier, or the next business day if the 15th falls on the weekend. The date on withdrawals page also says 15th.

But Envato was generous a few times and now we’re getting greedy. :slight_smile: Let’s be patient.

What does being greedy have to do with this?

Did we authors say something like, “hey pay us more than we deserve”?
Please watch your words, friend.

For your information ; Envato already keeps AUTHORS’ MONEY for 45 days!
So keeping it for 44 days but not 45 makes Envato Generous?

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Greed does not always have to do with money, my friend.

You’re missing the point, @baileyherbert.

Predictability and Reliability are key points in business partnerships. Envato is our business partner, not employer, nor charity organization giving money for nothing. A real business need to schedule things in advance based on rules, models and established practices, which is rarely possible and never 100% sure with Envato.

If it’s a side hobby for some authors, majority of us are running businesses, pay salaries etc. Cash flow must be predictable.

Other than that, I find “everyone is getting greedy” rude and insulting too.

We all know the “official” T&C of Envato, but thanks for the education, anyway. We’ll “be patient” when they prove they are equally strict with all their “official” T&C, when there are no double standards and when they start behaving like a real business. No one demands payout today. We are only demanding CLARITY, so we can keep doing what we do best - be quietly-creative.



And my problem is that he was asking for an official response for this. The only reason Envato should make an official response is if they are late sending payments - THAT is what will cause problems for those who need predictable cash flow.

If you receive an early payment and then in the future you plan your cash flow around receiving early payments - when the official payment date still says 15th or next business day - that is not Envato’s problem, it is yours. Sure, they can avoid confusion by always sticking strictly to the policy, but they are still not responsible for your mistreatment or misunderstanding of what they did when there’s been nothing officially stating you’ll get paid early.

All I see here now is complaining over something very trivial. Early payments won’t cause any problems (except for those who plan irresponsibly). Late payments can cause problems for everyone. They are not late at this time.

The official payment date has always been the 15th of the month or the next business day. You know this. Envato has never been late in fulfilling this promise. If you want to complain about how they are “unreliable” because they send payment 1 day early, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any business complaining about getting paid early; that’s absurd.

You should picture it as an invoice for example. Envato’s “due date” is the 15th or whatever the next business day is. But an invoice with a due date can be paid before the due date - you should still plan everything based on the due date.

And so as I hope I made clear above above, cash flow here is 100% predictable. You know the date that you will have your money by, and you should plan accordingly. Just to add, it only becomes unpredictable, if you start making assumptions.

With that, there’s nothing more to be said here from me.


The three times they paid early was breaking the established practice. The established practice for the other thirty times that the 15th fell on a weekend, was waiting until monday