#GetGutenbergReady Contest Winners!



Hey Authors,

Thanks for creating and nominating your high quality Gutenberg optimized themes and plugins for the contest!

We’ve now reviewed all the entries and selected winners who have created some great items, which showcase the diverse functionality that Gutenberg provides.

And the winners are…:drum::drum::drum:

1st Prize: Plugin

Author: @ZEMEZ

JetGuten — Blocks Set Addon for Gutenberg Editor


1st Prize: Theme

Author: @ThemeBeans

Forte - A Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Writers and Bloggers


2nd Prize: Plugin

Author: @ThemeFuzz

IconPress Pro - Icon Management for WordPress


2nd Prize: Theme

Author: @Burnhambox

Robin - Cute & Colorful Blog Theme


3rd Prize: Plugin

Author: @MajesticJungle

Planet Charts - A Chart Block Type for the Gutenberg Editor


3rd Prize: Theme

Author: @dedalx

Florian - WordPress Blog Theme Enhanced for Gutenberg


Big thanks to all the authors who got involved and nominated items for the Gutenberg contest - we can’t wait to see what you publish next!

For those of you who are interested in exploring Gutenberg and would like to check out some resources, don’t forget to review the #GetGutenbergReady Series on the Author Hub.

Congratulations again to all the winners, we’ll be reaching out to you directly regarding your prizes. Stay tuned!

Introducing the #GetGutenbergReady Series 2018 | Now on the Author Hub

Congratulations to winners!


Fantastic! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


What a great news!

Thanks Envato


Congratulations. Great job




Well deserved, congratulations to the winners!


Congratzz to the winner from ERP Dubai team


Sometimes I totally do not understand your criteria. Some of these themes were made in 2015 -16 and I seriously doubt they were made specifically for Gutenberg, not just optimized for Gutenberg compatability later on.

Also, I am not sure why people’s choice is not taken into consideration at all. Our Gutentype was made only on Gutenberg and made more sales in one month than any of the winners in their lifetime so far. Not mentioning the rating and the fact it was in Most Popular Items almost every week.

I am not saying the other themes are not good enough and only our theme is great. Not at all, congrats to the winners, these are beatiful themes. I am just saying I do not understand why aren’t we good enough and why what real customers think does not matter at all?


Congratulations to the winners!


Congratulations. Great job


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