Most Wanted Winners: Business Themes

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Thanks to everyone who took part in our Business Themes contest where we challenged authors to create WordPress Business Themes we don’t have yet on ThemeForest. The judging is complete and we are excited to announce the winners!

Best Business Themes

The following themes win $2,000 each

Venue X - Simple Events WordPress Theme by ThemeCanon

Venue X - Simple Events WordPress Theme - Events Entertainment


Kingler | Weapon Store & Gun Training Theme by ThemeREX

Kingler | Weapon Store & Gun Training Theme - WooCommerce eCommerce


Gardener - Gardening, Lawn and Landscaping WordPress Theme by SteelThemes

Gardener - Gardening, Lawn and Landscaping WordPress Theme - Business Corporate


Psychiatrist - WordPress Theme by Anps

Psychiatrist - WordPress Theme - Health & Beauty Retail


Consulting - Business, Finance WordPress Theme by StylemixThemes

Consulting - Business, Finance WordPress Theme - Business Corporate


All authors will be receiving prize payments within the next couple of weeks and will also receive an Envato’s Most Wanted badge! Congratulations to all the winners and keep an eye out for future Envato’s Most Wanted events.

Wooow woke up at 4 am here and saw this. Thank you so much for the honor. Cant wait for the team to see it! Fiesta time in the office today :slight_smile: Thank you again


Wow! Great surprise in the morning :slight_smile: woke up with badge :smile:

Thanks Envato for big birthday gift :smiley:


@SteelThemes Congrats brother, Happy for you :heart_eyes:

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Congrats to all winners.

To be honest, I’m disappointed. Have you checked the items according to the rules of the contest?

3 items in wrong category for contest. 50+ items available for some winner items category.

Are these items eligible? @ShaneFreer @JoshuaSprague

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Me too. Very very disappointed. These following themes don’t meet the term of this contest.

WooCommerce Theme
Health & Beauty Theme
Event Theme

@ShaneFreer @JoshuaSprague please feel free review them carefully!

Thank you!


I don’t know why below theme winner in this contest so funny
WooCommerce Theme
Health & Beauty Theme
Event Theme

Hi all, I’m sorry to hear some of you are disappointed with the winning results. We were very careful to ensure all winning items fell under the rules of the contest. Concerning the 3 items discussed here, if you look closely you will see they are more unique than you might think, and at the time of submission there was 5 or less items represented on the marketplace.

Have a closer look at VenueX and you will see that it is not really an “event Theme” like so many others on the marketplace. Rather this is one of the very few themes where the focus and purpose is dedicated to the actual venue rather than the events.

The other winning themes are similar in that they are dedicated to one specific purpose and again there were 5 or less items available on the marketplace at the time of submission.

Thanks for the feedback and congrats once again to the winners!


Hey Joshue,
That theme is not on business categories why that is one of winner :
Please explain why ?


They didn’t follow the rule of this contest:

Upload your items to the WordPress > Corporate > Business Category on ThemeForest

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Congrats to all winners. :tada:

Congratulations to all winners, but unfortunately this particular contest becomes a flop show. We are happy that @JoshuaSprague defend his point. But unfortunately we authors are not convinced as there are lots of blunder happens to choose the winner.

  1. Envato most wanted contest rules says “uploaded between 17th February and 11th May will be eligible to win”

but this theme:

was created or approved on 25th February 2016. So now tell me how a wordpress theme which was uploaded on or after 17th February got approved on 25th February 2016. That’s means this theme got approved in 9 days. So as author in TF our experience says this is impossible. This theme uploaded before 17th February 2016. So this was a clear case of your rule violation.

  1. Rule violation: How come this theme got the prize when it clearly violate your rule to upload the theme in a wrong category?

We are not against your decision, but we are unhappy to see unfair ways to make a decision. A rule is rule and it should implies to all equally. Even we have participate in this contest with a day/night hard work and submit our theme on time, but just your 2 month review time disqualify us from this contest.

It cloud be best contest if you guys give more time to qualify other authors.


Congrats !!!)))

Total agree with you. We are the same case for more than 2 months review. And they do not take care on our items.

Thank you for awarding, guys! Love you very much!

Congratulations to the winners!

I don’t know why some theme doesn’t follow rule of this contest can win, feeling disappoint with this contest

Yes a little :confused:

Hello, I do not know if I should post it here, but maybe you could help me. I am looking for the following theme I saved it’s demo version but now I cannot find where to buy it from. Could anyone help me find it? :slight_smile:

You can reach the author here: