Frist Song in AJ

Hi there friends :slight_smile:
This is my first song in AudioJungle.
What do you think? I think is bad because 0 sale.

What is yours first song in AJ?

Cheers from Poland
And sorry for my english! :slight_smile:

I think song not bad, but a sound a little bit archaich )
My first song is

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I agree with @LuckyBlackCat
My first song is Story of Moments

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@michalratkowski It is not too bad, it’s quite for news, little strange It sounds too mono.

Here is my first song:


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Welcome to the jungle!

This was my first AJ Track:

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this is my first track
And after approv about 1-2 hours was first sold !

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Thx for yours song! Its very good!!
My is bad because 0 sale…ehhh ;(

Deleted my track? what do you think

Hi Michal,

Sometimes it’s a good idea to ‘refresh’ your portfolio. I’ve deleted a couple of tracks myself that never sold anything and I will do it again soon. Music changes really fast and stuff will sound dated at some point in time. If a track doesn’t sell it could have millions of different reasons, but most of the times it will be because apparently people aren’t interested in it, which is not a shame, it just happens. Sometimes a track gets noticed all of a sudden and sell better from that point on, happened to my second track, no sales for about a year and a half, and now 9… Whether you choose to delete it or not is up to you!

Good luck!

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Our first track was Corporate Elegant Inspirations sold 9 times as for today, we were quite happy :slight_smile:

I think @Flowsopher you’re right, we never know when one song can be noticed…


I’m new, it’s a good track … but not all good tracks are sold.

My first track