Forte Shopify theme displaying collection lists in single links per row

I honestly don’t know if I’m posting this in the right place, but I’ve tried contacting the creator of the theme. I’ve looked all over the forums here and on Shopify. So far, nothing. I’ve purchased 2 themes so far hoping to add some needed features to my shop while lowering the amount of individual 3rd party apps I pay for each month. The first theme I wrote off as not doing enough research before purchasing. The second though, I read through countless themes before choosing Forte. It’s a very nice theme, has a lot of great options (though still perturbed that they advertise “Wishlist” and then tell you at install that you have to get that from a 3rd party app.)

Anyway, the issue that’s holding me up from using the new theme is how my collection list pages are displaying the pictures. Instead of being up to 4 in a row like my current website, it’s displaying them 1 per row. Fine for mobile, but awful for desktop. But all the reading and searching and I can’t find an answer to this. If I can’t fix this, then I’ll have to abandon this theme as well and be out another chunk of cash. If anyone can help or has some suggestions, I am all ears.