Form W-8



Spanish author AudioJungle am, so I understand, according envato mail I received a few days ago, I should fill out the form W-8 is that correct?
The truth is that no where to start, I downloaded the form and do not understand anything, really … help !!!
I think I read that I have time until the end of the year.
Could you tell me where to start, or guide me to some previous thread?
Thank you


hi buddy, u got it right about the email, now u are like all the others u don’t understand anything lol i was talking to a friend and he told me that the thing in the main rival of envato is ten thousand times easier to deal with , so why we have to deal with this mess, i don’t know … but this is one of a kind that’s for sure …


Hi Realitybeats,

The Form W-8 can be filled in your Dashboard > Settings > Tax Preferences - just follow the steps and fill out the online form built into the page. If I’m not mistaken, this is equivalent to filling in a Form W-8.


Hello AurusAudio !
Thank you so much for your answer, finally settled the matter.
Indeed, following the steps “online” it is all much easier! :wink:
Thanks for everything guys!