Font Test Drive

the font test drive machine not detect kerning. please help me

hi did u try to contact the author?

this is my item, i see my font kerning not working in test drive font. can u help me sir? thank you

hi buddy, indeed , i am sorry but i really not an expert for such things , i would recommend that u ask @XioxGraphix and @DesignSomething who turn out to be highly trained professional and also having more widespread knowledge on certain subjects than i do. I am sure that they will be bale to help u :slight_smile:

okayy thank you very mouch sir!! :grinning:

u make me feel old pls call me nico lol

LMAO, so thanks a lot nico!

u are welcome :slight_smile: if the concerned authors cannot help u , i guess nobody will be able to do lol :slight_smile: they are top level designers

I checked other fonts and looks normal in Test Drive. I don’t know why your kerning looks off.