Fonts demo doesn't work

Hi, I am on Mac (Safari or Chrome) and the field to test the fonts in the font section doesn’t work for a while, it says “Something went wrong, please try again” but nothing happens. Same if I test from my Iphone. Very annoying since it was a good way to test before purchasing…
It it possible to fix this ??

No one ? Envato, it’s not your point ??

Hi @Carambo!

Please open a Help ticket to report this issue. They will be able to forward it to the developers who can investigate.


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It happens for ALL fonts on Graphicriver, not a specific one. I don’t care if it works or not, if Envato doesn’t want to fix it, it’s their problem not to offer the proper purchasing experience to customers interested in fonts… I am not paid by Envato to debug their site, why should I open a ticket !!!

I think it will be just like your contribution to inform Envato about the concern. By opening ticket Envato will know about it and will review your concern. Thanks

I have already informed them 2 months ago, and nothing…so I let someone else do the job this time