Font link needed

Hello guys.
I just had a soft reject because the reviewer said that the link of the “MVSans Bold” font I used in my template was not from a legal website.
I used this font quite often for years now, with always the same link, and it is the first time I have that issue.
Do you have a good link for that font? Would someone be kind enough to help me on this matter?
I could change the font but I rather not.

Thank you in advance.

Which site do have the link for? Looking up the font name on Google comes up with MANY different sites.

I was linking to ttfonts but apparently, I was wrong doing it. This font is used by so many here at Envato. Googling the font name, nothing really serious comes up. That’s why I’m asking here.

hi Lou, indeed, this is the same for everyone indeed, we all face the same issue. Actually, there is no commercial link possibly being given for this font, as this is not sold anywhere, so this ends up amounting to say that we cannot use it anymore (too bad this is great) and i recommend that u try to search an equivalent font in whatfontis or a website like this , they will offer u the closest possible result, in other words , the fonts that look the most like mvsans indeed

hi the problem is that this is not sold anywhere and there is no identified website, like dafont or font spring to offer this one for free download, either

Thank you Nico.
At the end, I chose to replace MVsans Bold with a basic Monserrat Black.
It worked quite fine.

yes this font is huge , Lou :slight_smile: i am happy that u could kind of solve this out anyways :slight_smile: