First submission rejected (and I have no idea why!)

Hi everyone.

I’m new to the Envato marketplace. Today, I got an email saying that my first item has been rejected. I humbly don’t see what’s wrong with it. What I do see is a lot of logos on the site that honestly look terrible: weird shapes, colors looking off, no creativity at all, bad kerning/tracking, etc.

Do you think I can resubmit this logo? (It was hard rejected). Are there several people reviewing the items? Maybe another staff member would accept it… Do you really think it’s “too far off the standards [they] require…”? Thank you.

This roulette. You will never know the reasons and this is one of the biggest problems of the site. I don’t understand how such a famous company can’t provide good feedback. Or at least 10 patterns of variance, not just one

I sent 8 of them the work took only 3 )) will accept and try to how much is enough for your patience.