First item approved!


does a little jig

My first item got approved! It’s an emotional piano-led piece. No sales yet, but I’m a pretty patient person (okay, I’m checking my dashboard every hour or so). I won’t post it here as I don’t want to be seen as advertising, but if anyone wants to listen on my profile and maybe give some feedback as to the tracks chances of success, what they think of it, or anything else, that would be awesome.

Now I guess it’s time to get another one in the queue! :smile:


Congrats :slight_smile:


Graz, man!
Did you open a bottle of champagne after approval? :smile:

Good luck on sales and next items!


Great first step; keep them coming. I wish you good luck on sales.


Congratulations, Geoff! Sounds like you’re on the right track! :wink:


Keep creating and don’t obsess over it. My first 2 tracks had 0 sales, i deleted them recently :slight_smile:
Your track is great, just stick with it and keep creating music.


Congratulations buddy!!! Enjoy!!! :wink:


congrats and good luck with your sales :wink:


Good luck man, that 1st sale feels awesome so be patient, took me a week until I sold anything!




Congrats! Good luck! :smile:


congrats gud luck :slight_smile:


Congrats and Good luck :smile:


Congratulation! :shaved_ice: :cat:


Awesome! Congrats - Be patient I’m sure the sales will come!


Wow, thanks for all the encouragement everyone! To say thanks for the support, I gave you all a comment on a track and a follow (just the AJ authors, I know sometimes the other creators prefer not to have other market’s followers for various reasons and I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m spamming them). Love this community and the level of sheer talent and enthusiasm you people have, keep it up!


Thanks, i gave you comment too! Wish you many sales :smiley_cat:


Congrats! Way to go!


Nice man! I’ve also just recently had my audio approved, so we should all celebrate :smiley: It’s an important fresh and exciting start!


great job :slight_smile: