Filtering video by file type

Hi all,

When looking through stock video on elements, is there a way of filtering by file type (specifically MP4)? It seems you can see what type of file it is until you start trying to download. As most are .mov and I need MP4 (simply for LinkedIn posts) I need a quick way of filtering out stuff that won’t work. (yes, I know I can purchase a converter but I’m just a consultant looking for a quick way to get stuff I can use right away!)

Appreciate any help.


Thanks, but if I go to that link it’s the same problem/layout. It doesn’t tell me what format any of the content is provided in. Is there not a way to filter by format type to screen out stuff I won’t be able to use?

They’re all H.264 in that link. It says the file type at the right in the specs box… duration, resolution, file type etc.

Ah, sorry. Will take an other look later on. Thanks for flagginh