Few concerns and questions about Newspaper, Please help!

I bought the Newspaper 8 theme and generally I am really happy with it but I do have a few issues.

  1. I can’t seem to hide the dates of my posts/pages. I would love for it to show when it was last updated but if that is not possible I just want to hide the date.
  2. When linking to some of my other articles the link shows up in the comments and I am not sure if removing the comments remove the links.
  3. I know I cannot update Newspaper as I ordinarily would with a WP theme. It says it will adjust all option to default if I add the new update, is this true? Is there a way to update without having to reconfigure the entire theme?

Hello @0107sj

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to reach out to Newspaper author for support? If not, please use following section:

You may want to check:


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