[Feedback] Would This Video CMS Be Sellable on CodeCanyon


We’ve been working on a Video CMS that we are calling OpusVid. We were wondering apart from some code improvements, responsive design improvements, fixing a few bugs, and creating documentation; would the script be sellable on CodeCanyon?

The script can be demoed at: https://opusvid.devlexicon.ca

and the code is in a community beta version on GitHub: https://github.com/DevLexicon/OpusVid


I will be honest brother, Sorry but i think that the design is not in a good quality , and if i was the reviewer i will not approve it!
Give it more time and changes exactly on frontend side! and make a professional design and it will be sellable!
Good Luck

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Hello @TodoCode,

Thank you so much for your feedback!

We shall look into styling the frontend some more.


From visuals and frontend POV it looks pretty big and crowded. I would suggest you to small things out. If you want to keep the default thumbnail size then provide it some proper spacing and margin.