Feedback Please, My item has been hard rejected

I did my first upload today on Envato codecanyon but the item was hard rejected which stated the item didn’t meet to their minimum quality. I built the software using the Laravel Framework and My code is well structured and also the user interface of the app is still very much standard. I didn’t any specific reason why the item was rejected from the review team, please I would need feedback from anybody here to know how I can fix the app if it has any problems and also if I can re-submit.

The link to the demo

more information about the application can be found here

Please I would like to know what other criteria they use in hard rejection. Thanks in advance.

What does it do? Just looks like a landing page?

@charlie4282 it’s a school management system,

you can find more information about the software using this link

This looks like a bad rip off of Memozin - Education Courses School Template by goldey | ThemeForest

It is even the same Google tracking code and ID?!?

‘Your’ code:

Their code

You can’t steal other people’s work and submit it as yours. Aside from wasting everyone’s time, you will just be banned.

@charlie4282 sorry the landing page is not my code, I only did the backend of the application and got the template i used for the frontend from a friend. Thanks I will fix this immediately