Feedback on hard rejection

Hello everyone,

I’m new in AudioJungle and I got my very first submission rejected. If any of you fellows would be so kind to have a listen to this track I would appreciate :slight_smile:


Hi pongofury,

Nice atmospheric track, but… the instruments are slightly out of sync, especially the bass guitar. You have to be more self-critical when producing for a commercial sound library. The competition is fierce.

Don’t give up and good luck!


Thank you so much for the opinion!

And you’re right, it is just as you say. To be honest this was originally a cue composed for a film scoring contest, not a specific stock track. I just edited something here and there. Plus, I didn’t quantize anything at all.

But the fact is I got this same track accepted on another major platform I won’t name (together with 3 more edits) and that Made me think.

Thanks! :slight_smile: