Feedback on a WordPress theme design

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to get some feedback on a WordPress theme I submitted. You can see the full theme here:

My review only included some links to web design resources and a few screenshots with no context added.

I’d appreciate any feedback.

Most likely you will get a rejection - design quality is not good enough, a good start but still feels like it’s framework

Any suggestions?

It’s not just few things that you may need to change, you will need to practice on design part more. No offense but finding a designer to cooperate would be easier for you

Add some Icons and Animations. It’s soulless.:wink:

Agreed. I think animations will help give it a bit more life. Just have to find the balance between performance and visual appeal. I’m also considering switching up the fonts a bit. And I think the testimonials could use some love. And by love I mean redone.

Not sure if i want to change up the blog cards or not. I feel they could use something but I haven’t pinpointed it yet.

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