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I got lucky this week and one of my tracks was chosen as this weeks featured track. Its a jazztrack so it hasn’t led to a million sales (yet), but I’ve got a lot of nice comments on my track from fellow authors. So I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the encouraging comments and a thank you to Envato for picking my track! :slight_smile:


Congratulation, wish you a lot of sales! :slight_smile:


Yes I’ve heard it, probably the best featured track at the moment - everything else sounds typically generic - congrats!

BTW, I like the Land of Chocolate/Alf Clausen/1950’s kitsch vibe you’ve got going in some of your portfolio.


Thank you!


Thank you!
Yes, those kitsch tracks are an attempt to find another nische in addition to the jazz tracks. I see it as kind of orchestral jazz and they are very fun to do!


Congrats for the featured track! A big opportunity to open the portfolio to public :wink:


Thanks, wouldn’t mind my portfolio being open to the public :wink:


Congrats, its a very nice jazzy track, quality work and unique!


Yeh! Great track, fella! Congrats!


It’s really very tasty music)
I love this gypsy vibes and some influence of Django Reinhardt.
it’s interesting,cause the instruments aren’t classic gypsy,but the melodies somehow reminds me of it :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Hyperprod! Well-deserving feature of a great track!!


Thank you! @MidnightSnap @CycleProduction @Phreaspirit @soundbay


Well done, mate! Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


Thank you!




Congrats! I think jazz music have realy good potential on stocks, cause it suitable for a big number of project types, glws!


Thank you!


Thanks! Yes, I agree that jazz can have great potential if its not to experimental and well produced. :slight_smile:


How did you go for sales in the first week of being featured?


That track has sold 3 times per day on average, other tracks has sold as usual.