My first featured track!!! Envato - i love you:)


:rocket: My happiness has no limits !! One of my tracks selected as featured (just announcement via email) !!! :boom: Glad like a baby :slight_smile: :dart: Thank you Envato and the whole team !!! Today, I’ll probably drunk :slight_smile: joke, need to continue to work! Thanks again!:slight_smile: :rocket:

No, probably, I’ll drink a glass of wine :slight_smile:

Envato - i love you:)


Hahaha Congrats :smile:


Congrats! Drink TWO glasses of wine, it will give you more luck in the future! :wink:




I Do not know what to do :)))


Definately 2 glasses.


:smiley: nice achievement, congrats man))


Congratulations - amazing, mate! :smile:


Congrats and best of luck in your success!


I was glad to see it in the email. It’s a great track Synthezx. Congratulations!


Guys, Thanks to all of you!!! Your support is very inspiring to me!!!


Wow, that’s so awesome!!

Congrats @Synthezx :slight_smile:


Congrats and good luck with the drink :smile:


Your title implies that there will be others and this one is just the first in a long list of featured items you will have :slight_smile:


ha ha, enjoy! :smile: sweet track, nice job.


Congratulations, Synthezx! That’s awesome! :slight_smile:


congrats! :slight_smile:


Congrats, Synthezx!


Congratulations Synthezx! :slight_smile:


congrats mate! and wish much sales!! :slight_smile: