Feature Request: Share Buttons with Affiliate Referral Link

I have been a successful affiliate marketer (Affiliate Level 8) of Envato from 2014 to 2017 having referred 7,476 registered users and 5,199 deposits. Back then, it’s easier to generate links even manually where you simply have to add the ?ref attribute at the end of the address.

Since the migration to Impact, affiliate marketing in the marketplace became difficult (at least based on my experience). You have to visit Impact and generate your link there which is very difficult to integrate in my workflow. I have also used the generator created by Envato which is easier than Impact. However, I don’t want to switch tabs now and then just to generate links.

As a feature request, I hope Envato integrates share buttons (there are already) but this time the link is Affiliate-ready (for logged in users). If possible, a “copy link” button for easier transfer of links to blog posts (which I do in my blog where I promote items).

Disclaimer: I have been inactive in the marketplace since the aforementioned transition so apologies if I posted this in the wrong channel. If I did, please send me the link where I can send it.

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