Faster affiliate marketing on Envato..

So here is the deal, I want to quickly share content that gets reviewed and accepted on my account or on other marketplaces, but I also want to make sure the links I spread are referral links, in case I bring in new customers to the marketplace.

I see Envato made it easy for us to share links on facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest right from the items page.

Awesome, but those links are not referral links right?

Why not? :slight_smile:
is it something Envato wants to improve in the future?
Is it complicated to have those links refer to the proper user automatically?
Or maybe I missed something and those links do work like they should…

Whats your word on this guys, the users?
Envato? I know you super busy, but making some stuff easier and faster for the contributors, like marketing, the upload, or batch upload, or batch anything… means a lot. God, time we spend doing everything manually, and one by one. We need to hire people to do it, but what if it was just couple of clicks away, not couple of thousand+.

It would be nice to pop a referral link fast, without copy/paste thats all.

Have a great week everybody!


Good idea! :+1:

It would want to be made only available to the author, because as it stands anyone can share your audiojungle tracks which could potentially mean your getting paid for other peoples sharing. Not that I would be against that he he