I think I made my first referral on this new Impact affiliate thing we are using..but i have a few questions.

I see that the payout is 8 dollars. But on top right it it says pending. What is this pending thing?

I have looked all over the impact dashboard and site and is there really no way to see individual track data? I am in middle of switching over all my old legacy links to Impact. Is there anyway to see individual clicks for each link I made? Thank you.

I think it’s pending until the 15th of the following month when Envato pays Impact.

To be able to have data on individual track, you need to set up your links with the advanced mode and add the sub1, sub2, sub3 fields. You can put the track’s title in one of those fields.

Hello @KabbalisticVillage

It is pending because not withdraw because <= $50

The minimum amount is $50 you can check that from Settings -> Withdrawal Settings

you can check video for more details

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I don’t think that this is the same thing. They are pending until payment is actually made by Envato. Once they are approved, or “locked” as is Impact’s terminology, you’d still have to make the threshold to withdraw money.

Why are there so many sub fields? What do i put in each one?

Thanks joomla

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You don’t have to use all of them. It just gives you more insight if you choose to.

In mine, I put the the type of media (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, own site,…) in sub1, the title of the track in sub2, and the destination type in sub3 (portfolio, item page, profile,…). But you can put whatever makes sense to you. If you only need the track’s name, then just put that in sub1 and that’d be fine.

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You can check reports of clicks on links created using sub ids, you you can get click and payout from which link.

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type of media…meaning where you are putting the link? in general i put my referral links on every song on Soundcloud and Youtube…so i would just add those? Thanks for all the help.

Yes, the platform/website where I put the link on. It could be insightful to know how those two platforms perform for you, compared to each other. So you could put this info in one of the sub fields.

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great. thanks for all the help. :slight_smile: