Fail to upload to Motion Graphic category

Trying to upload files under Motion Graphic category. Upload of zip file, preview image and video is completed. It saved but next button is not glowing, not active to hit next :frowning:

You can open a Envato help ticket

hope they will assist you well to solved your issue.

didn’t helped me

Did you read this article Motion Graphic Uploader ?

try it hope it can be helpful for you.

make sure every fill form you filled with the right way. in the audiojungle preview you should fill only the ID item (the numbers on url) not the url item like your screenshoot.

If all form filled with right, the submit item automatically appear, and try to reload page if still nothing happen. :slight_smile:

Did you set your price? I just noticed the Price tab on the page wasn’t toggled down…

You have to enter the item ID in the audiojungle Items used field, not the link. The id is only the digits at the end of a link, coming right after the name.

oh damn I see VismovTV already said that.

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As I understand if you never before upload motion graphics, you need special permission from Envato to do so. It’s a new rule.
But I could be wrong.

Best way for sure is to open support ticket.
UPD: I heard somewhere on forum about this, but I couldn’t find this info again.

UPD2: Find it! Here is the thread Changes to VideoHive Upload Permissions
and a specific quote