Hola a todos! soy de Chile y muchas veces he comprado en Envato, sin embargo, nunca he podido recibir una factura “legal”; con esto me refiero a que no tengo como demostrar que hice X gasto en esta plataforma ya que el documento que puedo descargar es como una orden de compra, no una facturta ni una boleta.
En la información personal de mi perfil está el RUT de mi empresa (que vendría siendo el número de la compañía) y el nombre de la empresa.
Alguien de Chile que haya recibido un documento legal y como lo hizo?

PD: He subido 2 tickets pero no obtengo respuesta alguna.

Hello everyone! I am from Chile and I have purchased many times on Envato, however, I have never been able to receive a “legal” invoice; by this I mean that I have no way to prove that I made X expense on this platform since the document that I can download is like a purchase order, not an invoice or a ticket.
In the personal information of my profile is the RUT of my company (which would be the number of the company) and the name of the company.
Anyone from Chile who has received a legal document and how did you do it?

PS: I have uploaded 2 tickets but I don’t get any response.

Not sure if it’s relevant but you can check:

Hello, thank you for your reply. I was looking at what you indicate and it does not work for me, there are sections that I can not fill because the correct option is not there for me, and with all the topic that says the jurisdiction, oath and so on, it gives a little thing to fill it “wrong”.
On the other hand, I think this is for people who sell through Envato, I’m not 100% sure.

Do you have access to Statement section? The invoice should be sent after
the purchase to the email you registered the account.

codecanyon. net/user/YOURUSERNAME/statement