EU Commission is doing a Public Survey regarding new EU VAT Rules


Address is below:

This is the official survey of Eu commission. Notice that you can use any of the languages seen on the right hand widget box to use and fill the form in.

Basically they are asking the issues regarding the new vat rules, how they affect your business, and what should be done.

All Eu based small businesses should fill it post haste.

Remember to ask for an IMMEDIATE threshold for small businesses so they wont have to register for vat, or collect vat and distribute it to vatmoss if they are under that threshold. something like minimum 50,000-100,000 Eu is fine.

Also remember to link this in any small business forums you know - also link it to small business associations, digital markets and the like.


That’s good to know, thanks a lot!


Eu Vat action group had raised enough awareness in Fiscalis meeting in Ireland recently, which prompted Eu commission to set up this survey.

Now everyone needs to put their problems in and ask for decent solutions - one of which being immediate threshold - so that commission will be compelled to act on them.


This is great news, thanks for sharing the link.


If everyone actively propagates this link and makes people respond to survey, the result may be positive. So please share this survey everywhere you can.