Invoice issue for EU VAT

Hope someone help me out. We made few purchases as company with EU VAT number, but when we looked at our statements there is no information what tax we payed for the items. We need tax info on invoices for company accounting fillings. Please assist.

Thank You


if you bought using an EU VAT number the taxes won’t be added (0%) because of Reverse Charge - such a sentence shoould be part of the invoice Reverse Charge: VAT Act 1994 Section 55A applies. including your VAT ID and the EU VAT ID of envato

I hope that was what you were looking for…
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Thanks for info!
But its bit not clear for me how the thing works - with VAT we payed full displayed price plus full handling charges. So, that means invoices without local VAT will have to pay extra local tax?


Envato prices are net prices - the buyer handling fees too

if you don’t have an official EU VAT ID and are customer within the EU you have to pay additional VAT to the raised price

i.e. Envato Price: $ 19,-

EU customer without VAT ID and for example 20% rate has to pay $19 + $3,8
EU customer with VAT ID has to pay $19,-


Now i get it !
Thanks for clearing up!

p.s. is it possible to have 1 full invoice per order instead of 4 separate?



I don’t think that Envato will change their invoicing methods including the number of produced invoices per sale

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