UK leave EU affect tax ?

I was wondering if the UK leave the EU, it will have any effect on Envato sales ?

It already seems you need a PHD in accounting to keep track of the buying process Envato choose to enforce on their sellers, would UK leaving EU complicate this process even further ?

Depends on how the UK decides to implement their tax collection worldwide. If they take the US approach of royalty-witholding taxes etc., then for sure. However, there are plenty of other things that will be a bigger problem for us (I’m British) if the UK decides to leave, not least removing ourselves from a huge and important market for our economy + all the other benefits of staying in the EU (subsidies, free movement of travel, work and living and internship / training initiatives to name a few).

One benefit of leaving would be the way the UK has a tax threshold limit, but the way the Tories are running the show at the moment, I wouldn’t expect them to give small businesses any meaningful tax breaks…

So basically no-one will know until it happens ?

Tories give small businesses a break ? I doubt that will ever happen.

I’m voting leave btw…for many other reasons.

let’s hope uk won’t leave europe …