Error: The customizer import file is not in a correct format.

Hello there,

I am trying to import the Norcon WordPress theme, but I am getting this error:

—Importing customizer settings—
Error: The customizer import file is not in a correct format. Please make sure to use the correct customizer import file.

This is the code:

{“404”:“404”,“last_tab”:“”,“favicon”:{“url”:“Norcon – Just another WordPress site News”,“blog_subtitle”:“Our Blog”,“blog_excerpt”:“40”,“read_more”:" Read More",“phone”:“+1 203-333-4444",“email”:"”,“address”:“24 King St, SC 29401 USA”,“link_address”:“",“footer_text_copyright”:"©2022 Shthemes. All rights reserved.”,“error_image”:{“url”:“”,“id”:“”,“height”:“”,“width”:“”,“thumbnail”:“”,“title”:“”,“caption”:“”,“alt”:“”,“description”:“”},“error”:“Error”,“page_not_found”:“Sorry, something went wrong!”,“desc”:“This page is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. We will back very soon thanks for your patien”,“home_page”:“Return Home”,“chosen-color”:“0”,“main-color-1”:“#2c3e50”,“support-rtl”:“0”,“body-font2”:{“font-family”:“”,“font-options”:“”,“google”:“1”,“font-weight”:“”,“font-style”:“”,“subsets”:“”,“text-align”:“”,“font-size”:“”,“line-height”:“”,“color”:“#333”},“custom-css”:“#header{\r\nmargin: 0 auto;\r\n}”,“redux_options_object”:“”,“redux_import_export”:“”,“redux-backup”:1}


Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


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Thank you for the prompt reply.

I already contacted the author and below are their replies.

Hello !!!

When you download from Envato Elements, you can’t get support.

If you want get support, please buy theme in: Norcon - Construction Renovation WordPress Theme by shtheme | ThemeForest

Thank you.

Sorry! to say author mentioned the right things.

All items on Envato Elements are created by independent authors. Due to this and the nature of Envato Elements unlimited subscription, Envato Elements cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items.

Envato Elements does not provide technical support for any items. More info Here.

You can check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.


So, everyone wants to be in charge but no one wants to be responsible, everyone passes the ball to each other and no one is responsible.

Why does Envato offer themes, photos, songs, etc if they are useless?