Error while importing demo in REHUB THEME plz help

---Downloaded files---
The import files for: ReDokanNew were successfully downloaded!
Initial max execution time = 30
Files info:
Site URL =
Data file = /home/cp1558102p43/public_html/trading/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/demo-content-import-file_2021-07-05__09-18-10.xml
Widget file = /home/cp1558102p43/public_html/trading/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/demo-widgets-import-file_2021-07-05__09-18-10.json
Customizer file = not defined!
Redux files:
not defined!


---Importing widgets---
Error: Widget import data could not be read. Please try a different file.

Theme Options was updated-------Customizer was updated-------Menu was assigned-------

guys plz help my ecommer business stopped and author refused to help me

If the author is not helping, the offer would be a paid service:

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